OnePlus 7 Back Replacement

🐜Do you have a damaged or shattered back cover on your OnePlus 7?

The OnePlus 7, smartphone that announce on May 2019 and was launched in June 2019 has a glass back with a frosted finish, and comes in Mirror Gray, Red, and Mirror Blue colors. The back covers are made of different materials, such as artificial leather, fibre, metal, plastic, rubber, etc. Some back covers also have extra features, such as a stand, a grip, or a dual protection.

The OnePlus 7 is a 2019 smartphone with a 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display that has HDR10+ support. It runs on the Snapdragon 855 processor, which has an octa-core CPU and an Adreno 640 GPU. It also has 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. The OnePlus 7 has a 3700 mAh battery that supports 20W fast charging, and runs on Android 10, which can be upgraded to Android 12. The OnePlus 7 has a dual camera setup on the back, which consists of a 48 MP main camera with OIS and EIS, and a 5 MP depth camera. The front camera is a 16 MP selfie camera with EIS.

πŸ› οΈSydney CBD Repair Centre: Effortless OnePlus 7 Back Replacement Services

Sydney CBD Repair Centre has established itself as a trusted name in the realm of phone repairs, offering exceptional services for a range of devices. With their professional OnePlus 7 back replacement services, they continue to uphold their commitment to quality repairs using genuine parts and efficient processes.

πŸ’―Genuine Parts for Uncompromised Quality

One of the key factors that sets Sydney CBD Repair Centre apart is their use of genuine parts for all repairs. This ensures that customers receive the same high-quality replacement back cover as the original, eliminating any concerns about compatibility or durability. By adhering to strict quality standards, the repair process does not negatively impact the overall performance of the OnePlus 7.

Efficiency in Repair Process:

Sydney CBD Repair Centre prides itself on their ability to complete OnePlus 7 back replacement services within approximately 1 hour. This speedy turnaround time minimizes inconvenience and allows customers to have their device back in their hands as quickly as possible. The team at Sydney CBD Repair Centre understands the importance of a fast and efficient repair process, and they consistently strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Seamless User Experience:

With the OnePlus 7 back cover expertly replaced, customers can expect a seamless user experience. The repair does not impact the device's performance, ensuring that customers can enjoy the full functionality of their OnePlus 7 with the new back cover. This attention to detail guarantees customer satisfaction and underscores Sydney CBD Repair Centre's commitment to delivering quality repairs.

πŸ‘Impressive Reputation

Sydney CBD Repair Centre has garnered an exceptional reputation over the years, as evidenced by their collection of over 1700 positive Google reviews. These glowing testimonials from satisfied customers serve as a testament to the reliability, professionalism, and quality of their services. Choosing Sydney CBD Repair Centre for OnePlus 7 back replacement means entrusting your device with a reputable and esteemed repair center.

Convenient Operating Hours and Location:

Sydney CBD Repair Centre operates during convenient hours to accommodate a wide range of schedules. Their operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Located at Suite 201, Level 2/661 George St, Haymarket, they are centrally positioned for easy accessibility, whether you work or reside in the area.

Booking Options Available:

To further enhance customer convenience, Sydney CBD Repair Centre offers various booking options. Customers can easily schedule an appointment online or call (02) 8011 4119. Walk-in repairs are also welcome during business hours, ensuring prompt service without prior reservation.

Mail-in Repairs for Local and International Customers:

Recognizing the need for accessible repair services, Sydney CBD Repair Centre offers mail-in repairs for both local and international customers. This option is particularly beneficial for those unable to visit their physical location in Haymarket, expanding the reach of their services while maintaining the same level of professionalism and quality.

Sydney CBD Repair Centre's professional OnePlus 7 back replacement services are an exceptional choice for customers seeking speedy, reliable, and high-quality repairs. With their commitment to genuine parts, efficiency, seamless user experience, and an outstanding reputation supported by numerous positive Google reviews, Sydney CBD Repair Centre is a repair center that customers can trust. Whether it's a quick walk-in repair during business hours or a convenient mail-in service, Sydney CBD Repair Centre is dedicated to providing the best possible repair experience for OnePlus 7 owners.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need a OnePlus 7 back replacement, contact Sydney CBD Repair Centre today and get it done fast and easy. You will be amazed by their quality of work and customer service. Don't let a faulty back cover ruin your OnePlus 7 experience. Get it fixed by the experts at Sydney CBD Repair Centre and enjoy your device as good as new.

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