Can Google Pixel screen be replaced?

Can Google Pixel screen be replaced?

If you have a Google Pixel phone with a cracked or broken screen, you might be wondering if you can replace it yourself or if you need to send it to a professional repair service. In this blog post, we will answer some common questions about Google Pixel screen replacement and give you some tips on how to do it safely and effectively.

β˜€οΈCan Google Pixel screen be replaced?πŸ› οΈ

The answer is yes, Google Pixel screen can be replaced. However, the difficulty and cost of the replacement may vary depending on the model of your phone and the extent of the damage. Some Pixel phones have screens that are easier to remove and replace than others. For example, the Pixel 6 screen comes with the fingerprint reader already attached, so you don't need to transfer it from your old screen. On the other hand, some Pixel phones have screens that are glued to the frame, which makes them harder to separate without damaging the components.

πŸ’ΈHow much does Google Pixel screen replacement cost?πŸ‘

The cost of Google Pixel screen replacement depends on several factors, such as the model of your phone, the type of service you choose, and whether your phone is under warranty or not. If your phone is under warranty and the damage is covered by the warranty terms, you may be able to get your screen replaced for free or at a reduced cost by contacting Google or an authorized repair partner. However, if your phone is out of warranty or the damage is not covered by the warranty terms, you will have to pay for the screen replacement out of your own pocket.

The price of a new screen may vary depending on where you buy it and its quality. You can find screens online from different sellers, but make sure they are compatible with your phone model and have good reviews from other customers. Alternatively, you can buy a screen from an authorized repair partner or a reputable local service center.

The price of the service may also vary depending on whether you choose a mail-in or a walk-in option. A mail-in option means that you send your phone to a repair service by mail and they send it back to you after fixing it. A walk-in option means that you bring your phone to a repair service in person and they fix it while you wait or within a few hours or days. Generally, a walk-in option is faster and more convenient than a mail-in option, but it may also be more expensive.

According to some online sources, the average cost of Google Pixel screen replacement ranges from $100 to $300 USD, but this may vary depending on your location and the service provider you choose.

πŸ› οΈHow can I replace Google Pixel screen myself?☝️

If you are confident in your skills and have the right tools and parts, you can try to replace Google Pixel screen yourself. However, this is not recommended for most users, as it involves opening up your phone and exposing its delicate components to potential damage. You also risk voiding your warranty and losing any data stored on your phone if something goes wrong.

If you decide to replace Google Pixel screen yourself, you will need:

- A new screen compatible with your phone model
- A heat gun or a hair dryer
- A suction cup
- A spudger or a plastic opening tool
- A Phillips screwdriver
- A pair of tweezers
- A double-sided tape or an adhesive
- A clean cloth

You can follow these general steps to replace Google Pixel screen yourself:

1. Turn off your phone and remove any SIM card or SD card.
2. Heat up the edges of the screen with a heat gun or a hair dryer to soften the adhesive holding it to the frame.
3. Attach a suction cup to the bottom of the screen and pull it up gently while sliding a spudger or a plastic opening tool along the edges to separate the screen from the frame.
4. Disconnect any cables or connectors that attach the screen to the motherboard.
5. Remove any screws that secure the screen to the frame.
6. Lift off the old screen and set it aside.
7. Transfer any components from the old screen to the new screen, such as the fingerprint reader, the earpiece speaker, or the fabric covering.
8. Align the new screen with the frame and secure it with screws.
9. Reconnect any cables or connectors that attach the screen to the motherboard.
10. Apply double-sided tape or adhesive along the edges of the new screen and press it firmly onto the frame.
11. Wipe off any dust or fingerprints from the new screen with a clean cloth.
12. Turn on your phone and test if everything works properly.

Note: These steps are only a general guide and may not apply to every Pixel phone model. For more detailed and specific instructions, you can refer to online tutorials or guides for your phone model, such as the ones from Youtube .

🚫What are the risks of replacing Google Pixel screen myself?β›”

Replacing Google Pixel screen yourself is not without risks. Some of the possible risks are:

- Damaging your phone or its components, such as the battery, the camera, the speakers, or the buttons.
- Voiding your warranty or losing your eligibility for future repairs or replacements.
- Losing your data or settings if you forget to back up your phone before opening it.
- Getting injured by sharp edges, hot surfaces, or electric shocks.
- Wasting your time and money if you buy the wrong parts or tools or if you fail to fix your phone.

Therefore, unless you are very experienced and confident in repairing phones, it is better to leave Google Pixel screen replacement to the professionals. They have the skills, the tools, and the parts to fix your phone quickly and safely.

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