How many hours does OnePlus 7T battery last?

How many hours does OnePlus 7T battery last?

The OnePlus 7T, smartphone that was launched in September 2019 is a premium smartphone that has a 3,800mAh non-removable battery and supports fast charging and wireless charging technologies. The device can quickly recharge its battery using the Warp Charge 30T wired charger that comes with the device.

This charger can fill up the battery from 0% to 100% in just under 30 minutes. However, some users have reported battery drain issues, which may be caused by software bugs or user habits. OnePlus has released software updates to address some of these issues and improve battery optimization. The OnePlus 7T's battery performance may vary depending on individual usage patterns and settings.

πŸ“²The OnePlus 7T is a popular smartphone known for its impressive features

And one crucial aspect that users often consider is its battery life. To understand the battery performance of the OnePlus 7T, it is important to evaluate its specifications and capacity.

πŸ”‹The OnePlus 7T comes with a non-removable Li-Po 3800 mAh battery.

This battery capacity is ample and promises a long-lasting performance. However, other factors such as software optimization, display resolution, and usage patterns can significantly impact the actual battery life.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the OnePlus 7T battery life, we can explore the findings from various sources that have conducted battery life tests on the device. Well-known tech websites like GSM Arena, PhoneArena, and Tom's Guide extensively test smartphones' battery life under different scenarios.

According to GSM Arena's battery tests, the OnePlus 7T lasted an impressive 12 hours and 30 minutes during web browsing over a 3G connection. This test involves continuous web browsing, which puts a significant strain on the battery. For video playback, the website found that the device lasted around 17 hours, meaning users can enjoy long hours of streaming media without worrying about the battery draining quickly.

🎭When it comes to gaming

The battery life of the OnePlus 7T may vary depending on the intensity of the game and the graphics settings chosen. However, in a standard gaming scenario, the device can last around 6-7 hours of continuous gameplay.

Real-life user experiences and testimonials play a vital role in understanding the OnePlus 7T's battery life. Many users have reported that with moderate usage, the device easily lasts a full day without requiring frequent recharges. However, heavy usage, such as prolonged gaming sessions or extensive video streaming, can significantly reduce the battery life for obvious reasons.

While the OnePlus 7T boasts impressive battery performance, it is essential to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths is the Fast Charging technology called Warp Charge 30T. This feature allows the device to charge from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes, providing a quick and efficient charging experience.

However, one potential weakness is the absence of wireless charging. While many smartphones in the market offer this convenience, OnePlus chose to exclude it from the OnePlus 7T to keep the cost and device thickness in check.

⏳To optimize and extend the battery life of the OnePlus 7T

Several practical tips can be followed. First and foremost, it is recommended to adjust the screen brightness to an appropriate level. High brightness settings can significantly drain the battery, so finding a balance between visibility and battery consumption is crucial.

Furthermore, disabling unnecessary background processes and applications can help conserve battery life. Closing apps running in the background and limiting notifications from less critical apps can minimize battery drain.

Additionally, enabling the Battery Saver mode provided by OnePlus can help extend the battery life when it is running low. This mode reduces background activities and optimizes power consumption to maximize usage.

The OnePlus 7T offers a robust battery life with its 3800 mAh capacity. According to various tests and user testimonials, the device can comfortably last a full day with moderate to heavy usage. The inclusion of Fast Charging technology is a significant advantage, compensating for the absence of wireless charging.

While there are a few weaknesses, they don't overshadow the overall impressive battery performance. By following practical tips and optimizing usage patterns, users can further enhance and extend the battery life of their OnePlus 7T smartphones.

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