Does OnePlus 7 have glass back?

Does OnePlus 7 have glass back?

The OnePlus 7, smartphone that announce on May 2019 and was launched in June 2019 has a glass back with a frosted finish, and comes in Mirror Gray, Red, and Mirror Blue colors. The back covers are made of different materials, such as artificial leather, fibre, metal, plastic, rubber, etc. Some back covers also have extra features, such as a stand, a grip, or a dual protection.

The OnePlus 7 is a 2019 smartphone with a 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display that has HDR10+ support. It runs on the Snapdragon 855 processor, which has an octa-core CPU and an Adreno 640 GPU. It also has 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. The OnePlus 7 has a 3700 mAh battery that supports 20W fast charging, and runs on Android 10, which can be upgraded to Android 12. The OnePlus 7 has a dual camera setup on the back, which consists of a 48 MP main camera with OIS and EIS, and a 5 MP depth camera. The front camera is a 16 MP selfie camera with EIS.

πŸ“²The OnePlus 7: Unpacking the Mystery of Its Back Material

Smartphone design has come a long way, with manufacturers constantly pushing boundaries to provide users with the most stylish and functional devices. A key design element often debated is the back material of a smartphone. This article extensively examines whether the OnePlus 7 smartphone features a glass back, discussing the various materials used in smartphone design and delving into the advantages and drawbacks that come with having a glass back.

βš™οΈUnderstanding Smartphone Design Materials

When it comes to smartphone design, manufacturers have experimented with a range of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, and even composite materials. Each material has distinct properties that impact durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Metal Back:

Metal backs, commonly made from aluminum or stainless steel, have been popular due to their robustness and premium feel. They offer excellent durability against everyday wear and tear and are generally more resistant to scratches. However, metal backs can sometimes hinder wireless signal reception and may make wireless charging difficult, as metal is a poor conductor of electricity.

Plastic Back:

Plastic backs have been widely used in budget smartphones due to their affordability and flexibility. Plastic is lightweight, durable to some extent, and allows for wireless signal transmission. However, it is vulnerable to scratches and may not provide the same premium aesthetics as glass or metal.

Ceramic Back:

Ceramic backs have gained popularity for their unique look and feel. They offer excellent scratch resistance, aesthetic appeal, and effective wireless signal transmission. However, ceramic backs can be fragile and prone to cracking or shattering if dropped.

Glass Back:

Glass backs have become increasingly common in premium smartphones, as they provide an elegant aesthetic appeal and are compatible with wireless charging. Glass allows for signal transmission and typically offers good durability. However, glass can be fragile and susceptible to shattering upon impact.

πŸ€”OnePlus 7: Glass or Not?

To determine whether the OnePlus 7 has a glass back, we need to consult official sources, expert reviews, and user experiences. OnePlus, as the manufacturer, confirms that the OnePlus 7 features a glass back on their official website, stating it is made of Gorilla Glass 5.

Official sources provide valuable information, but it is crucial to consider external viewpoints as well. Expert reviews from reputable tech websites often address the smartphone's design in detail. Various reviews of the OnePlus 7 consistently confirm its glass back construction.

User experiences shared on forums, social media, and online communities offer valuable insights. Numerous OnePlus 7 users mention the smooth texture and reflective nature synonymous with glass backs. Additionally, testimonials discuss the premium feel and aesthetics brought about by the glass's glossy appearance.

Assessing the Impact of a Glass Back on OnePlus 7:

1. Durability:
Glass backs have made significant advancements in durability over recent years thanks to materials like Gorilla Glass. It provides substantial resistance against scratches, although it is still susceptible to shattering upon severe impact or drops. However, using a sturdy case can help mitigate this risk.

2. Aesthetics:
The OnePlus 7's glass back enhances the overall appeal, giving it a sophisticated and premium look. The reflective surface adds an eye-catching element to the device, reminiscent of flagship smartphones.

3. Functionality:
Glass backs are compatible with wireless charging, a convenience feature favored by many smartphone users. With the OnePlus 7's glass back, wireless charging is made possible, offering a hassle-free charging experience.

4. Wireless Signal Reception:
While earlier designs using metal backs might have impacted wireless signal reception to some extent, advancements in antenna technology have addressed this issue. The OnePlus 7 maintains a strong wireless signal reception, despite its glass back.

✍️Expert Opinion

The glass back of the OnePlus 7 is undoubtedly an advantage. Its inclusion enhances the phone's aesthetic appeal and enables the convenience of wireless charging without compromising on durability or wireless signal reception. Although glass backs can be fragile, using a protective case reduces the risk of accidental damage.

The OnePlus 7's glass back brings a touch of elegance and functionality to the device. With advancements in glass technology, the OnePlus 7 strikes a balance between aesthetics, durability, and wireless functionality. Its Gorilla Glass 5 construction offers improved resistance against scratches, while retaining the advantages of wireless charging and signal reception. The OnePlus 7 is a notable example of a smartphone that effectively utilizes a glass back to enhance its overall user experience.

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