Is broken screen covered by HUAWEI warranty?

Is broken screen covered by HUAWEI warranty?

HUAWEI is a globally recognized brand known for its high-quality smartphones and electronic devices. However, accidents happen, and screens can break. It is important for customers to understand the warranty coverage for broken screens on HUAWEI devices to make informed decisions when seeking repairs or replacements. In this article, we will delve into the general terms and conditions of HUAWEI's warranty policy, explore whether broken screens are covered, discuss specific scenarios and cases, highlight exceptions or limitations, and provide practical tips for users with broken screens.

Breaking the screen of your HUAWEI smartphone or tablet can be a frustrating and costly experience. You might be wondering if you can still use your warranty to get it fixed, or if you have to pay for the repair out of your pocket. The answer depends on several factors, such as the type of damage, the model of your device, and whether you have purchased HUAWEI Care.

✍️HUAWEI warranty policy states that screen replacement is not covered by general product warranty

Only applies to manufacturing defects and not physical damage. This means that if you break your screen due to accidental collision, falling, or crushing, you will not be able to use your warranty to get it fixed for free.

However, there is an exception if you have purchased HUAWEI Care, which is a service product that provides extended warranty and screen protection for selected HUAWEI devices. With HUAWEI Care, you can get your broken screen fixed free of charge at HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers, as long as your eligibility is still valid. You can check your eligibility for HUAWEI Care on the official website.

If you have not purchased HUAWEI Care, you can still get your screen repaired at HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers, but you will have to pay a fee depending on the model of your device. You can also opt for a screen glass replacement service, which is suitable for cases where only the glass of the screen is broken and the display is still functional. This service has an affordable price and a quality assurance of 90 days.

πŸ’‘Understanding Warranty Coverage for Broken Screens on HUAWEI Devices

To find out more about the screen repair options for your HUAWEI device, you can visit the official websiteΒ  or contact the nearest HUAWEI Authorized Service Center. You can also check out some online resources that provide more information about HUAWEI warranty and screen repair.

βœ…General Terms and Conditions

HUAWEI provides a warranty to customers to protect against defects in materials or workmanship for a specified period, typically one year from the date of purchase. However, it is important to note that warranty coverage may vary across countries and regions. To obtain warranty service, customers must provide proof of purchase, such as the original sales receipt or invoice.

Coverage for Broken Screens:

According to official HUAWEI resources, broken screens are often not covered under the standard warranty policy. This is because broken screens are typically a result of accidental damage or user negligence, which are not considered manufacturing defects. HUAWEI's warranty primarily focuses on addressing issues related to the internal components of the device.

Specific Cases:

There are, however, specific cases where broken screens may be covered under HUAWEI's warranty. These cases are typically rare and depend on the specific circumstances. If a customer discovers a broken screen upon unboxing a new device or within a short period of purchase, the device is still eligible for the standard warranty coverage. HUAWEI considers such cases as potential manufacturing defects.

Exceptions and Limitations:

HUAWEI's warranty policy generally does not cover accidental damage, physical abuse, liquid damage, unauthorized repairs, or modifications performed by the user or a non-HUAWEI authorized service center. Customers should carefully review their warranty terms and conditions for any specific limitations or exclusions that may apply to their region.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials:

Several customer experiences emphasize the importance of understanding HUAWEI's warranty coverage for broken screens. While some users have successfully had their broken screens repaired or replaced under warranty, these cases are often exceptional. Users who had accidental damage or user negligence were usually directed towards paid repair services or HUAWEI's official screen replacement program.

πŸ“²Tips and Recommendations

1. Review your warranty: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of HUAWEI's warranty policy, paying particular attention to coverage for broken screens and any limitations or exclusions that may apply.

2. Explore repair options: If your device's screen is broken due to accidental damage or user negligence, contact HUAWEI's customer support to inquire about their paid repair services or official screen replacement program. These options might be more cost-effective than third-party services.

3. Consider insurance: In cases where the warranty does not cover broken screens, it may be advisable to invest in insurance that provides coverage for accidental damage or user negligence.

While HUAWEI's warranty coverage generally does not extend to broken screens, it is crucial for customers to be aware of the specific terms and conditions. Understanding the exclusions, exceptions, and limitations can help users make informed decisions regarding repairs or replacements. By reviewing official resources and considering customer testimonials, users can navigate their warranty options effectively and explore alternative solutions if needed.

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