What screen does Samsung A52s have?

What screen does Samsung A52s have?

The Samsung Galaxy A52s is a mid-range smartphone that was released in September 2021. It is an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G that was launched in March 2021. The Samsung Galaxy A52s has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also has a quad-camera setup on the back, consisting of a 64MP main lens with OIS, a 12MP ultrawide lens, a 5MP macro lens, and a 5MP depth sensor. The front camera is a 32MP lens that can record 4K videos.
The Samsung Galaxy A52s runs on Android 11, upgradable to Android 13, and has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset with a 5G connectivity. It has different options of RAM and storage: 4GB/128GB, 6GB/128GB, 8GB/128GB, and 8GB/256GB. It also has a microSD slot for expandable storage. The battery capacity is 4500mAh and supports 25W fast charging.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s has other features such as IP67 water and dust resistance, stereo speakers, NFC, fingerprint scanner, face recognition, and wireless DeX. The phone does not have a headphone jack or an FM radio.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s is available in four colors: Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Purple, and Awesome Mint. It also has four online exclusive colors: Gray, Green, Yellow, and Blue. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A52s varies depending on the market and the RAM and storage option.

πŸ› οΈSamsung A52s Screen: What You Need to Know

The screen specifications of a smartphone play a crucial role in determining the user's overall visual experience. When it comes to the Samsung A52s, the device boasts some impressive display technology that sets it apart from its competitors. In this article, we will delve deep into the screen specifications of the Samsung A52s, exploring its type, size, resolution, benefits, drawbacks, and any unique features or advancements it offers.

The Samsung A52s comes equipped with a Super AMOLED display, known for its vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast ratios. This type of screen technology has been widely praised for its visual quality and is often considered superior to LCD displays. With the A52s, users can enjoy a large 6.5-inch display, providing ample space for gaming, web browsing, and multimedia consumption.

πŸ“²In terms of resolution, the Samsung A52s doesn't disappoint.

It offers a Full HD+ resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of approximately 405 pixels per inch. This high resolution ensures sharp and crisp visuals, making text and images appear detailed and lifelike. Whether you're watching movies, scrolling through social media, or playing games, the A52s' screen delivers an immersive experience.

One of the standout benefits of the Super AMOLED technology is its color accuracy. It offers a wide color gamut, allowing for accurate and vibrant representation of colors. This feature greatly enhances the viewing experience, as colors appear more vivid and true to life. Whether you're browsing through your photo gallery or watching high-resolution videos, the A52s' screen ensures a visually pleasing experience.

πŸ’₯Furthermore, Super AMOLED displays tend to have high contrast ratios, meaning they can display deep blacks and bright whites simultaneously.

This contrast lends a sense of depth to the visuals and improves the overall image quality. Additionally, AMOLED screens provide excellent visibility even in bright sunlight, thanks to their high peak brightness capabilities.

In terms of durability, Super AMOLED screens are generally considered to be more fragile than LCD displays due to their organic composition. However, Samsung has implemented various measures to enhance the durability of its AMOLED screens. For example, the Samsung A52s features Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the front, which provides a level of resistance against scratches and accidental drops.

To gain a better understanding of the Samsung A52s' screen technology, let's take a look at what experts and reviews have to say. According to a review by TechRadar, the A52s' Super AMOLED display offers "rich and vibrant colors," with an overall "excellent mobile HDR experience." This suggests that the screen delivers on its promise of high-quality visuals and color accuracy.

🏷️In terms of advancements compared to previous models, the Samsung A52s takes a step forward with its 120Hz refresh rate.

This means that the screen refreshes 120 times per second, resulting in smoother motion and reduced blur, particularly while gaming or scrolling through content. The inclusion of a high refresh rate is a notable improvement over its predecessor, the Samsung A52, which offered a standard 60Hz display.

Moreover, the Samsung A52s competes strongly with other mid-range smartphones in terms of screen specifications. In a comparison with the Google Pixel 4a in Android Authority, the A52s is praised for its "bright and colorful" display, outperforming its competitor in terms of visual quality and color reproduction. This highlights the A52s' screen as a key selling point that offers a superior viewing experience compared to other devices in its price range.

To provide a real-world example, let's consider a user who loves watching movies and TV shows on their smartphone. The Samsung A52s' Super AMOLED screen would deliver rich and vibrant colors, enhancing the viewing experience. The high resolution and large screen size would ensure that every detail is visible, allowing the user to fully immerse themselves in their favorite content.

The screen specifications of the Samsung A52s smartphone showcase the device's commitment to providing a top-tier visual experience. The Super AMOLED display offers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast ratios, resulting in a visually stunning experience. The high resolution ensures sharp and detailed visuals, while the large screen size is ideal for multimedia consumption. Although Super AMOLED screens may be more fragile, Samsung has implemented measures to enhance durability. With advancements like a 120Hz refresh rate, the A52s' screen stands out from its competitors. Based on its screen specifications and positive reviews, the Samsung A52s is recommended for consumers who prioritize visual quality and an immersive experience. The screen of the Samsung A52s is one of its strengths, as it offers a large, bright, and smooth display with Super AMOLED and HDR10+ support. However, it also has some limitations, such as a lower resolution, a fixed refresh rate, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

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