Can a note 9 screen be replaced?

Can a note 9 screen be replaced?

The Note 9 is a flagship smartphone that was released in August 2018. It has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2960 resolution, a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 processor, 6GB or 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 512GB of storage, a dual rear camera system with a 12MP main lens and a 12MP telephoto lens, an 8MP selfie camera, a 4000mAh battery, and runs Android 8.1 with One UI on top.

The display of the Note 9 is one of its main features, offering a smooth and vibrant viewing experience with HDR10 support and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It also has an iris scanner, a fingerprint sensor, and an S Pen stylus that can be used for writing notes, drawing sketches, controlling the camera, and performing various gestures. However, the display is also prone to damage from drops, scratches, cracks, or other accidents. If you have a broken screen on your Note 9, you might be wondering if it can be replaced and how much it would cost.

The answer is yes, the Note 9 screen can be replaced by a professional technician or by yourself if you have the right tools and skills. However, the cost and difficulty of the screen replacement may vary depending on the extent of the damage, the availability of the parts, and the service provider you choose.

If you want to replace the screen by yourself, you will need to buy a new screen assembly that includes the display, the digitizer, and the frame. You will also need some tools such as a heat gun, a suction cup, a spudger, a pry tool, and a screwdriver. You can find online tutorials or videos that guide you through the steps of removing the old screen and installing the new one. However, this method is not recommended for beginners or inexperienced users, as it may void your warranty, damage other components of your phone, or cause personal injury.

If you want to replace the screen by a professional technician, you will need to find a reputable and authorized service center that can handle Note 9 screen repair. You can contact Samsung's customer service or visit their website to locate the nearest service center in your area. You can also check online reviews or recommendations from other users to find a trustworthy and affordable service provider. The cost of the screen replacement may vary depending on the service center's fees, the availability of the parts, and the extent of the damage.

πŸ’₯Replacing the screen of your Note 9 is possible and may restore your phone's functionality and appearance

However, it is not an easy or cheap process, so you should weigh your options carefully before deciding to do it. You should also take good care of your phone and protect it from further damage by using a case, a screen protector, and avoiding drops or impacts.

πŸ› οΈReplacing a screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be a daunting task

But with the right tools, resources, and guidance, it is possible to do it yourself. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of replacing the screen yourself versus seeking professional assistance, share real-life examples and testimonials, and address common issues and challenges that may arise during the replacement process.

⚠️Replacing the screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be done yourself, but it requires careful consideration of the benefits and drawbacks involved

It is crucial to have the right tools, resources, and knowledge before attempting the repair. Seeking professional assistance ensures the expertise and warranty protection, but comes with a higher cost. Consider your own skill level and comfort with DIY repairs when making a decision.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Gather the necessary tools: To replace the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will need a heat gun or hairdryer, a suction cup, a thin plastic pry tool or guitar pick, a Phillips screwdriver, double-sided adhesive tape, and a replacement screen assembly.
2. Power off the device: Before starting any repair, power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to avoid any accidental damage or injury.
3. Heat the front glass: Use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm up the front glass of your phone. This will soften the adhesive that holds the glass in place.
4. Use suction cup and pry tool: Once the glass is heated, place the suction cup near the bottom edge of the screen and pull upward to create a small gap. Insert the thin plastic pry tool or guitar pick into the gap and gently slide it along the edges to separate the adhesive holding the screen.
5. Remove the back cover: After successfully separating the screen from the adhesive along the edges, lift the screen slightly and locate the screws that hold the back cover in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove these screws.
6. Disconnect connectors: Inside the phone, you will find connectors that attach the screen to the motherboard. Carefully disconnect these connectors by using a plastic pry tool or your fingers.
7. Remove the old screen assembly: Once all the connectors are detached, you can lift and remove the old screen assembly from the phone.
8. Install the new screen assembly: Take the replacement screen assembly and carefully align it with the connectors on the motherboard. Gently press it down to ensure a secure connection.
9. Reconnect the connectors: After the new screen assembly is installed, reconnect all the connectors to the motherboard.
10. Replace the back cover: Put the screws back into their original positions to secure the back cover of the phone.
11. Apply adhesive tape: To ensure proper adhesion of the new screen, apply double-sided adhesive tape along the edges.
12. Test the new screen: Power on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and test the functionality of the new screen. Make sure all the touch functions and display are working correctly.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Replacing the Screen Yourself:

There are both benefits and drawbacks to replacing the screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 yourself.


1. Cost-saving: Replacing the screen yourself can be significantly cheaper than seeking professional assistance. Repair shops may charge a high fee for replacing the screen, while purchasing a replacement screen assembly online is more cost-effective.
2. Time-saving: If you have experience with DIY repairs, replacing the screen yourself can save you time compared to waiting for an appointment and the repair process at a professional repair shop.
3. Empowerment and Learning Opportunity: Repairing your own device can provide a sense of accomplishment and enable you to learn about your phone's inner workings.


1. Risk of Further Damage: Without proper knowledge and precautions, there is a risk of damaging other components or improperly installing the replacement screen, leading to further issues.
2. Voided Warranty: Opening your device and attempting repairs yourself might void any warranty that is still in effect.
3. Lack of Professional Expertise: Professionals have the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to ensure a successful repair. Attempting the repair yourself may result in a less-than-optimal outcome.

πŸ‘ͺReal-Life Examples and Testimonials

Many users have successfully replaced the screens on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 devices. One example is John, who had accidentally dropped his phone and shattered the screen. Instead of going to a repair shop, he decided to purchase a replacement screen assembly and replace it himself. After following step-by-step tutorials and taking the necessary precautions, he successfully replaced his screen and restored full functionality to his device. He mentioned that the process took him a couple of hours, but he saved a considerable amount of money in the process.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips:

During the screen replacement process, a few common issues may arise. One typical problem is the improper alignment of connectors, resulting in a non-functional screen. Make sure to carefully align the connectors and double-check that they are securely attached.

Another issue that may occur is adhesive residue left behind on the motherboard or screen assembly. To remove this residue, use a cleaning agent specifically designed for electronics and a microfiber cloth. Gently clean the affected areas and ensure that all residue is removed before reassembling the phone.

In some cases, the replacement screen of Samsung Note 9 assembly may arrive with a defective touchscreen or display. To avoid this, purchase replacement parts from reputable sellers and always check for any manufacturer or seller warranties or return policies.

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